Strategic storytelling

“Claire is a very sound strategic thinker & able to see the broad picture & attend to the detail. An absolute joy to work with.”

Branding and positioning

Annie and Claire create beautifully visualized and well-crafted strategic brand stories with the power to reshape your brand.”

Creative copywriting

“Not only is Claire able to dive deep into a subject & come up with surprising insights, she also gives energy to all people involved.”


Raptim corporate video

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Claire's Clients


THNK School of Creative Leadership

As a freelancer, I created the copy branding during the school’s start-up – and worked closely with Lava to achieve THNK’s distinctive visual branding. Later I became Director Marketing & Communications, and was responsible for the website, blog and newsletters – right up to PR and the launch event (with royalty among our guests!).

My article in The Guardian


From branding, packaging and web to video scripts, I have worked with great teams at Philips – including Philips Branding, Design, Domestic Appliances and Saeco. Thanks to close cooperation with product managers and brand experts, we have been able to create strategic copy that is shaping a richer relationship with today’s consumers.


Since 2011, I have partnered with Annie Peutrell, former creative director and award-winning designer. We investigate brands thoroughly, perfect unique brand keys, create vivid brand and consumer personas, and make brand stories with the tone of voice and visualizations that breathe life into brands. Find out more!


Raptim Humanitarian Travel

The world’s first humanitarian travel organization, Raptim, was unifying their offices under one name. I analyzed their history – and created a unique brand personality, a strong tone of voice, a clear strategic brand story, a new tagline – and wrote the website, blogs, guidelines and more. The story formed the basis of Raptim’s corporate video.


The Greek Mountain

A new tea brand we created on our own, The Greek Mountain began with the idea of bringing traditional Greek herbal teas to Holland. Together with Annie of Brandframe fame, we created everything from scratch. And worked closed with Positivity on the lovely packaging design. The brand is growing, and enjoying press coverage in Happinez, Flow, Elle and other publications.




My work has won some awards, and I’ve been a finalist, too. Not that awards matter in the larger scheme of things – but it’s nice to have your creative work recognized by your colleagues.


Web campaigns and sites I’ve helped create were finalists at SXSW and the ADCN. Other work has been awarded ADCN lamps. And it was great to get gold at NY Festivals.

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